1. Evening Snow at Takanawa
  2. Street View, Looking Down the Kasumigaseki After a Snowfall
  3. Snow at New Year Dawn at Susaki
  4. Shinobazu Pond at Toeizan Temple at Ueno
  5. Snow in the Grounds of the Fudo Shrine at Meguro
  6. View from the Sumida River Embankment Firstly Printed in 1928
  7. Twilight View of the Snow-clad Ryogoku Bridge
  8. Kinryuzan Temple at Asakusa


Title: [field title]

Dates: [1842-1847]

Locations: [ Edo, Japan, Sumida River Embankment, Tokyo ]

Categories: [ Lifestyle, Nature, Travel ]

Object Form: [ Drawing, Printings ]

Mediums: [ Color Printing, Ukiyo-e, Woodblock Printing ]

Camera Types: [ Digitizing, Non-Camera ]

Camera Brands or Makers: [ No Camera Maker ]

Classification: [ Multicolor ]

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